$5.00 PB Dogbert's Management Handbook Adams, Scott
$5.00 HB Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook Adams, Scott
$7.00 PB Treasury of Humor Asimov, Isaac
$3.00 PB Looks at the USA Berg, Dave
$5.00 HB Horseshoes Cowsocks & Duckfeet Black, Baxter
$6.00 HB Special for Today Block, Herbert
$3.00 PB Didn't My Skin Used to Fit? Bolton, Martha
$5.00 HB Cat Hater's Handbook Cole, William
$3.00 PB When I'm an Old Coot English, Roy
$5.00 HB Redneck Dictionary Foxworthy, Jeff
$5.00 PB Clear the Decks Gallery, Daniel
$5.00 PB Now Hear This Gallery, Daniel
$5.00 PB Stand By y y to Start Engines Gallery, Daniel
$4.00 HB Laugh Lines Getting Old is Funny
$4.00 PB Don't sit Under the Apple Tree Grizzard, Lewis
$5.00 PB Hey BC Hart, Johnny
$5.00 PB King is a Fink Hart, Johnny
$5.00 PB Long Live the King Hart, Johnny
$4.00 PB Ms Murphy's Law Hines, Faith
$5.00 PB Ship with the Flat Tire Hunt, Todd
$5.00 HB High Time Lasswell, Mary
$5.00 PB Gift of Age Lederer, Richard
$5.00 HB Dumpty Lithgow, John
$5.00 PB Don Martin Steps Out Martin, Don
$4.00 PB Fishing Hall of Shame Nash, Bruce
$5.00 PB Theirs & Mine Perry, Benn
$5.00 PB Enter Laughing Reiner, Carl
$5.00 PB Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin Trillin, Calvin
$4.00 PB What is it Tink is Pan in Trouble Trudeau, G B
$5.00 PB Guilty Guilty Guilty Trudeau, Gary
$3.00 PB What Do We Have for the Witness Johnnie Trudeau, Gary
$6.00 PB Doonsbury's Greatest Hits Trudeau, GB

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