Classics and Poetry

$7.00 PB Beowulf Anonymous
$7.00 PB Saga of the Volsungs Anonymous
$7.00 PB Song of Roland Anonymous
$7.00 HB American Reader Anthology
$7.00 HB World's Best Anthology
$7.00 PB Confessions of a Barbarian Abbey, Edward
$7.00 PB Fool's Progress Abbey, Edward
$7.00 PB Letters of… Abelard and Heloise
$5.00 PB A Death in the Family Agree, James
$5.00 PB Poetics Aristotle
$7.00 PB Emma Austen, Jane
$3.00 PB Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane
$7.00 PB Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane
$7.00 PB Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane
$5.00 HB Rescue Ferrets at Sea Bach, Richard 1
$5.00 HB Air Ferrets Aloft Bach, Richard 2
$3.00 PB Gift of Wings Bach, Richard
$4.00 PB Illusions Bach, Richard
$3.00 PB One Bach, Richard
$10.00 HB Old Man Goriot Balzac and Maugham
$6.00 PB Eyes of Venice Barbero, Alessandro
$12.00 PB Sot-Weeed Factor Barth, John
$7.00 PB Norton Anthology of Short Fiction Bausch, Richard
$6.00 PB Endgame Beckett, Samuel
$7.00 PB Songs of Experience Blake, William
$3.00 PB Jane Eyre Bronte, Charlotte
$7.00 PB Wuthering Heights Bronte, Emily
$7.00 PB Edgar Huntly Brown, Charles Brockden
$7.00 PB Wieland and Carwin the Biloquist Brown, Charles Brockden
$5.00 PB Goddess Abides Buck, Pearl
$7.00 PB Good Earth Buck, Pearl
$4.00 PB Hidden Flower Buck, Pearl
$7.00 HB Imperial Woman Buck, Pearl
$5.00 HB Little Men, Big World Burnett, WR
$7.00 PB Hero with a Thousand Faces Campbell, Joseph
$7.00 PB My Antonia Cather, Willa
$7.00 PB O Pioneers! Cather, Willa
$15.00 box Wapshot Chronicle Cheever, John
$6.00 PB Heart of Darkness Conrad, Joseph
$7.00 PB Lord Jim Conrad, Joseph
$6.00 PB One Half of… Davies, Robertson
$5.00 HB Life with Father and Mother Day, Clarence
$7.00 HB Essayes of… de Montaigne, Michel
$4.00 PB A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles
$7.00 HB A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles
$8.00 HB American Notes / Pictures From Italy Dickens, Charles
$8.00 HB David Copperfield Dickens, Charles
$8.00 HB Master Humphrey's / A Child's History Dickens, Charles
$8.00 HB Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles
$6.00 PB Anedotes of Destiny and Ehrengard Dinesen, Isak
$7.00 PB Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky, Fyodor
$5.00 PB Possessed Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
$7.00 PB Narrative of the Life of… Douglass, Frederick
$7.00 PB Mill on the Floss Eliot, George
$6.00 PB Murder in the Cathedral Eliot, TS
$8.00 PB Essential Works Emerson, Ralph Waldo
$4.00 PB The Nine Lives of Algernon Espey, John
$7.00 PB Greek Tragedies Euripides
$7.00 PB Light in August Faulkner, William
$5.00 PB Unvanquished Faulkner, William
$8.00 PB Death Comes to Perigord Ferguson, John
$8.00 PB Good Soldier Ford, Ford Maddox
$6.00 HB Celestial Omnibus Forster, E M
$5.00 PB Le Grand Meaulnes Fournier, Alain
$7.00 PB Mr Adam Frank, Pat
$7.00 PB Snow Goose and Other Legends Gallico, Paul
$7.00 PB Love in the Time of Cholera Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
$9.00 Box Prophet Gibran, Kahlil
$6.00 HB Tears and Laughter Gibran, Kahlil
$8.00 PB In the House of Brede Godden, Rumer
$7.00 PB Essays Goethe
$8.00 PB Spire Golding, William
$7.00 PB She Stoops to Conquer and Other Stories Goldsmith, Oliver
$7.00 PB Brighton Rock Greene, Graham
$9.00 HB Send Bygraves Grimes, Martha
$4.00 PB Maltese Falcon Hammett, Dashiell
$6.00 PB Maltese Falcon Hammett, Dashiell
$5.00 PB Scarlet Letter Hawthorne, Nathaniel
$20.00 PB Being In the World Heidegger, Martin (Hubert Dreyfus)
$6.00 PB A Farewell to Arms Hemingway, Ernest
$3.00 PB Farewell to Arms Hemingway, Ernest
$3.00 PB Short Stories Henry, O
$7.00 PB Siddhartha Hesse, Hermann
$5.00 PB Lost Horizon Hilton, James
$8.00 HB Lost Horizon Hilton, James
$5.00 PB Lost Horizon Hilton, James
$7.00 HB A Little Princess Hodgson Burnett, Frances
$4.00 PB Odyssey Homer
$7.00 PB Odyssey Homer
$7.00 PB A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect Homer (Cunliffe, Richard)
$7.00 PB Rise of Silas Lapham Howells, William
$5.00 PB Hinds' Feet on High Places Hurnard, Hannah
$7.00 PB Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston, Zora
$7.00 PB Brave New World Huxley, Aldous
$6.00 PB Rhinoceros Ionesco, Eugene
$6.00 PB Daisy Miller James, Henry
$7.00 PB Princess Casamassima James, Henry
$7.00 PB What Maisie Knew James, Henry
$7.00 PB Trap for Cinderella Japrisot, Sebastien
$7.00 PB Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man Johnson, James Weldon
$5.00 PB A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James
$7.00 PB A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James
$7.00 PB Castle Kafka, Franz
$3.00 PB One Flew Over… Kesey, Ken
$4.00 PB Selections from the Writings of… Kierkegaard, Soren
$4.00 PB Gunga Din and Other Favorite Poems Kipling, Rudyard
$7.00 PB Jungle Books Kipling, Rudyard
$7.00 PB Man Who Would Be King Kipling, Rudyard
$5.00 PB Barabbas Lagerkvist, Par
$4.00 PB Lady Chatterly's Lover Lawrence, DH
$7.00 PB Rainbow Lawrence, DH
$7.00 PB Monk Lewis, Matthew
$4.00 PB It Can't Happen Here Lewis, Sinclair
$15.00 HB Rough Road Locke, William
$6.00 PB Tales of Hawai'i London, Jack
$5.00 PB Portable… Machiavelli
$7.00 PB Magic Barrel Malamud, Bernard
$5.00 PB Dr Faustus Marlowe, Christopher
$6.00 PB Summing Up Maugham, W Somerset
$8.00 PB Sand Pebbles McKenna, Richard
$8.00 PB Seeds of Contemplation Merton, Thomas
$5.00 PB Crucible Miller, Arthur
$7.00 PB Crucible Miller, Arthur
$14.00 HB Temple of the Golden Pavilion Mishima, Yukio
$4.00 PB Criticism Moliere
$6.00 PB Tartuffe Moliere
$4.00 PB Gift from the Sea Morrow Lindbergh, Anne
$7.00 PB Common Sense Paine, Thomas
$5.00 PB Lila Pirsig, Robert
$4.00 PB Last Days of Socrates Plato
$7.00 PB Dog of the South Portis, Charles
$7.00 PB Excellent Women Pym, Barbara
$20.00 HB Works of… Rabelais, Francois
$5.00 PB Atlas Shrugged Rand, Ayn
$4.00 PB Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson
$5.00 PB Two Novels by Robbe-Grillet, Alain
$16.00 HB Mythical Creatures Bible Rosen, Brenda New
$7.00 PB Exit Ghost Roth, Philip
$7.00 PB Operation Shylock Roth, Philip
$7.00 PB Portnoy's Complaint Roth, Philip
$15.00 HB Helmet of Navarre Runkle, Bertha
$15.00 PB Capistrano Nights Sanders, Charles F
$7.00 PB Vanishing Shakespeare, William Non-fic
$4.00 PB Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare, William
$6.00 PB Henry IV Part One Made Easy Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part One Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part One Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part Two Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry V Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Julius Caesar Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB King Lear Shakespeare, William
$9.00 PB King Lear Macbeth Indefinition and Tragedy Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Othello Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Richard II Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare, William
$7.00 PB Twelfth Night Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Winter's Tale Shakespeare, William
$5.00 HB Soul of the Age Shakespeare, William (Bate, Jonathan)
$6.00 HB Tyrant Shakespeare, William (Greenblatt, Stephen)
$7.00 HB Will in the World Shakespeare, William (Greenblatt, Stephen)
$7.00 HB A Year in the Life of… Shakespeare, William (James Shapiro)
$7.00 PB Shakespeare's World Shakespeare, William (Johanyak, DL)
$7.00 PB A Shakespeare Lover's Diary Shakespeare, William (Shelagh Wallace)
$5.00 PB 4 Plays by… Shaw, George Bernard
$7.00 PB Jungle Sinclair, Upton
$5.00 PB One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Solzhenitsyn, Alexander
$7.00 PB Journal of a Novel Steinbeck, John
$4.00 PB Pearl Steinbeck, John
$4.00 PB Red Pony Steinbeck, John
$7.00 PB Blow Negative Stephens, Edward
$7.00 PB Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe, Harriet Beecher
$5.00 PB Six Plays of… Strindberg, August
$5.00 PB Complete Works… Tacitus
$7.00 PB Tagore Reader Tagore, Rabindranath
$5.00 PB History of Henry Esmond Thackeray, Willam
$15.00 HB Existential Metaphysics Thalheimer, Alvin
$4.00 PB A Book of Quotations Thoreau, Henry David
$7.00 PB Thurber Carnival Thurber, James
$5.00 PB Jason Treece, Henry
$5.00 PB Palm Wine Drinkard / My Life in the Bush… Tutuola, Amos
$10.00 HB £1,000,000 Bank Note Twain, Mark
$10.00 HB A Tramp Abroad Twain, Mark
$10.00 HB Celebrated Jumping Frog… Twain, Mark
$10.00 HB Innocents Abroad Twain, Mark
$10.00 HB Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Twain, Mark
$10.00 HB Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Twain, Mark
$6.00 PB Prince and the Pauper Twain, Mark
$5.00 PB Mark Twain His Life Twain, Mark (Williams, George) Non-fic
$7.00 PB Silver Leopard van Wyck Mason, F
$6.00 PB Master of the World Verne, Jules
$5.00 PB Candide Voltaire
$6.00 PB Tristan von Strassburg, Gottfried
$3.00 PB Invisible Man Wells, HG
$7.00 PB Ethan Frome Wharton, Edith
$4.00 PB Bridge at San Luis Rey Wilder, Thornton
$6.00 PB Our Town Wilder, Thornton
$12.00 PB Ritual in the Dark Wilson, Colin
$4.00 PB Pearls Girls and Monty Bodkin Wodehouse, P G
$4.00 PB Piccadilly Jim Wodehouse, P G
$4.00 PB Uneasy Money Wodehouse, P G
$6.00 PB Huge Dreams Anthology
$7.00 HB Poems That Touch the Heart Alexander, A L
$5.00 PB A Red Red Rose Burns, Robert
$4.00 PB Sleeping in the Bunkhouse Gardner, Ken
$4.00 PB Rubaiyat Khayyam, Omar
$7.00 PB Poetry of… Lear, Edward
$7.00 PB Selected Poems Lord Byron
$11.00 HB Songs of Bilitis Louys, Pierre
$8.00 HB Complete Poetical Works Milton, John
$6.00 HB Keats Motion, Andrew
$7.00 PB Ramayana Narayan, RK
$5.00 HB Carver A Life in Poems Nelson, Marilyn
$4.00 PB A Collection of Love Gifts Rice, Helen Steiner
$7.00 PB New Poems Rilke, Rainer
$8.00 PB Animal Magnetisim Roberts, Kim
$7.00 PB New Poetics Timmons, Mathew
$6.00 PB Oriental Faddah and Son Tonouchi, Lee
$6.00 HB Henry David Thoreau Walls, Laura Dassow
$7.00 PB Poetry of… Whitman, Walt
$7.00 PB Poetry of… Wordsworth, William
$6.00 HB Radical Wordsworth Wordsworth, William (Bate, Jonathan) Non-fic
$8.00 HB William Wordsworth Wordsworth, William (Gill, Stephen) Non-fic

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