Classics and Poetry

$4.00 PB Desert Solitaire 12152 Abbey, Edward
$5.00 PB Oresteia Aeschylus
$4.00 PB Two by… Albee, Edward
$7.00 PB Fantomas Allain, Marcel
$5.00 PB Beowulf 11363 Anonymous
$3.00 PB Beowulf 11702 Anonymous
$6.00 PB Gilgamesh Anonymous
$7.00 PB Irrational Man 12165 Barrett, William
$6.00 PB Long Ships Bengtsson, Frans
$8.00 HB Lorna Doone 11929 Blackmore, Richard
$7.00 PB Songs of Experience Blake, William
$6.00 PB Sheltering Sky Bowles, Paul
$5.00 PB A Good Man in Africa Boyd, William
$7.00 PB Edgar Huntly, Memoirs of a Sleepwalker 11897 Brown, Charles Brockden
$5.00 PB Journey to the Good Earth Buck, Pearl (Spurling, Hilary)
$7.00 PB East Wind West Wind 12005 Buck, Pearl S
$7.00 PB Good Earth Buck, Pearl S
$5.00 HB Mandala 11998 Buck, Pearl S
$4.00 PB Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan, John
$5.00 HB Little Men, Big World 10117 Burnett, WR
$6.00 PB Myths Dreams and Religion 12541 Cambell, Joseph
$6.00 HB Hero with a Thousand Faces 12556 Campbell, Joseph
$7.00 PB Answered Prayer Capote, Truman
$6.00 PB Great Short Stories 11316 Chekhov, Anton
$4.00 PB Fanny Hill 10074 Cleland, John
$6.00 PB Heart of Darkness 11358 Conrad, Joseph
$5.00 PB Heart of Darkness / Secret Sharer 11491 Conrad, Joseph
$7.00 PB Heart of Darkness and Selected Fiction 11360 Conrad, Joseph
$7.00 PB Lord Jim Conrad, Joseph
$8.00 HB Five Novels 11383 Cooper, James Fenimore
$4.00 PB Red Badge of Courage Crane, Stephen
$6.00 PB Necklace and Other Short Stories de Maupassant, Guy
$7.00 PB Moll Flanders Defoe, Willem
$7.00 PB Oliver Twist 11725 Dickens, Charles
$5.00 PB An American Childhood 12422 Dillard, Annie
$6.00 PB Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 12412 Dillard, Annie
$6.00 PB Teaching a Stone to Talk 11936 Dillard, Annie
$8.00 PB Sayings and Anecdotes 12563 Diogenes the Cynic
$3.00 PB Narrative of the Life of… 10623 Douglass, Frederick
$20.00 PB Being In the World 12555 Dreyfus, Hubert
$7.00 PB Mill on the Floss 11315 Eliot, George
$4.00 PB Silas Marner Eliot, George
$6.00 PB A Choice of Kipling's Verse 12483 Eliot, TS
$6.00 PB Nature and Other Essays 12532 Emerson, Ralph Waldo
$5.00 PB Self Reliance and Other Essays 12534 Emerson, Ralph Waldo
$4.00 PB Best of Bad… Faulkner, William
$7.00 PB Big Woods Faulkner, William
$7.00 PB Wild Palms Faulkner, William
$5.00 PB Last Tycoon Fitzgerald, F Scott
$6.00 HB Last Tycoon 11933 Fitzgerald, F Scott
$5.00 PB Madame Bovary 12335 Flaubert, Gustave
$8.00 PB Good Soldier Ford, Ford Maddox
$6.00 HB Celestial Omnibus Forster, E M
$4.00 PB Alas Babylon Frank, Pat
$6.00 PB Copenhagen 12482 Frayn, Michael
$6.00 PB Good Conscience Fuentes, Carlos
$7.00 PB One Hundred Years of Solitude 12306 Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
$6.00 HB A Self Portrait Gibran, Kahlil
$8.00 HB Procession Gibran, Kahlil
$6.00 HB Prophet 11928 Gibran, Kahlil
$6.00 HB Wisdom of Gibran Gibran, Kahlil
$7.00 HB Prophet 11997 Gibran, Khalil
$5.00 PB Spiritual Sayings of… 12427 Gibran, Khalil
$7.00 PB Essays 10118 Goethe
$4.00 PB Magic Goldman, William
$7.00 PB Lawless Roads Greene, Graham
$4.00 PB Mythology 12364 Hamilton, Edith
$7.00 PB Far from the Madding Crowd Hardy, Thomas
$5.00 PB Far from the Madding Crowd Hardy, Thomas
$3.00 PB Scarlet Letter 10827 Hawthorne, Nathaniel
$10.00 PB Being and Time 12554 Heidegger, Martin
$5.00 PB Goodbye Mr Chips Hilton, James
$5.00 PB Lost Horizon Hilton, James
$4.00 PB Lost Horizon Hilton, James
$6.00 PB Brave New World Huxley, Aldous
$5.00 PB A Doll's House 12478 Ibsen, Henrik
$5.00 PB Ambassadors James, Henry
$6.00 PB Turn of the Screw James, Henry
$5.00 PB From Here to Eternity 10417 Jones, James
$5.00 PB Freedom or Death 10420 Kazantzakis, Nikos
$5.00 PB Zorba the Greek 10419 Kazantzakis, Nikos
$5.00 PB Cockpit Kosinski, Jerzy
$5.00 PB Steps Kosinski, Jerzy
$4.00 PB Being there Kosinski, Jerzy
$3.00 PB Duel and Selected Stories Kuprin, Alexander
$5.00 PB Lady Chatterley's Lover 10068 Lawrence, DH
$7.00 PB Lady Chatterly's Lover Lawrence, DH
$5.00 PB Lady Chatterly's Lover Lawrence, DH
$7.00 PB Rainbow Lawrence, DH
$5.00 PB Inherit the Wind 11361 Lawrence, Jerome
$4.00 PB Pilgrim's Regress Lewis, CS
$7.00 PB Monk Lewis, Matthew
$5.00 PB Arrowsmith Lewis, Sinclair
$5.00 PB Gift from the Sea Lingbergh, Anne Morrow
$6.00 PB Tales of Hawai'i London, Jack
$7.00 PB On the Nature of the Universe 12560 Lucretius
$6.00 PB On the Nature of the Universe 12561 Lucretius
$6.00 PB Prince and Other Political Writings 10819 Machiavelli, Niccolo
$6.00 PB Painted Veil Maugham, W Somerset
$5.00 PB Crucible Miller, Arthur
$5.00 PB Nexus 10075 Miller, Henry
$5.00 PB Tropic of Capricorn Miller, Henry
$6.00 PB Tartuffe Moliere
$7.00 PB Beyond Good and Evil 12562 Nietzsche, Friedrich
$7.00 PB Thus Spoke Zarathustra 12166 Nietzsche, Friedrich
$7.00 PB Will to Power 12559 Nietzsche, Friedrich
$4.00 PB 4 Plays by O'Neill, Eugene
$5.00 PB Three Plays… 11759 O'Neill, Eugene
$7.00 PB Last Days of Socrates 10998 Plato
$4.00 PB Ten Great Mysteries 10630 Poe, Edgar Allen
$8.00 PB Within a Budding Grove Proust, Marcel
$5.00 PB Atlas Shrugged 10416 Rand, Ayn
$7.00 PB The Charioteer Renault, Mary
$5.00 PB Two Novels by Robbe-Grillet, Alain
$6.00 PB Dying Animal Roth, Philip
$5.00 PB Catcher in the Rye 12181 Salinger, JD
$4.00 PB Human Comedy Saroyan, William
$7.00 PB No Exit and Three Other Plays Sartre, Jean-Paul
$7.00 PB Rob Roy 10532 Scott, Sir Walter
$4.00 PB Comedy of Errors Shakespeare, William
$25.00 HB Complete Pelican… 12442 Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Coriolanus Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Coriolanus Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part One Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part One Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry IV, Part Two Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Henry V Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Henry V Shakespeare, William
$8.00 PB Julius Caesar (Simply) Shakespeare, William
$5.00 PB King Lear Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB King Lear Shakespeare, William
$7.00 PB King Lear 12461 Shakespeare, William
$9.00 PB King Lear Macbeth Indefinition and Tragedy 12378 Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Merchant of Venice Shakespeare, William
$4.00 HB Merchant of Venice 10625 Shakespeare, William
$7.00 PB Merchant of Venice (B&N) Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Othello Shakespeare, William
$7.00 PB Othello 12394 Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Richard II Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Richard III Shakespeare, William
$8.00 PB Romeo and Juliet 12405 Shakespeare, William
$3.00 PB Tempest 11490 Shakespeare, William
$5.00 PB Titus Andronicus Shakespeare, William
$4.00 PB Two Noble Kinsmen Shakespeare, William
$9.00 PB Playgoing in Shakespeare's London 12448 Shakespeare, William (Andrew Gurr)
$6.00 PB Shakespearean Stage 12465 Shakespeare, William (Andrew Gurr)
$7.00 PB Vanishing 12459 Shakespeare, William (Christopher Pye)
$6.00 PB Pronouncing Shakespear's Words 12391 Shakespeare, William (Dale Coye)
$10.00 PB Monty Python Shakespeare and ERD 12466 Shakespeare, William (Darl Larsen)
$7.00 HB Will in the World 12375 Shakespeare, William (Greenblatt, Stephen)
$27.00 HB Guide to Shakespeare 12491 Shakespeare, William (Isaac Asimov)
$5.00 PB A Year in the Life of… 12473 Shakespeare, William (James Shapiro)
$7.00 PB Shakespeare's World Shakespeare, William (Johanyak, DL)
$9.00 PB Companion to… Shakespeare, William (McDonald, Russ)
$11.00 HB Shakespeare's Songbook 12372 Shakespeare, William (Ross Duffin)
$25.00 HB Norton Shakespeare 12435 Shakespeare, William (Stephen Greenblatt)
$7.00 PB Frankenstein 10879 Shelley, Mary
$6.00 PB Frankenstein 11703 Shelley, Mary
$5.00 PB Cancer Ward Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
$4.00 PB One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Solzhenitsyn, Alexander
$9.00 PB Lifting Belly Stein, Gertrude
$5.00 PB Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights 11898 Steinbeck, John
$7.00 PB East of Eden 12180 Steinbeck, John
$7.00 PB Journal of a Novel Steinbeck, John
$7.00 PB Of Mice and Men 11170 Steinbeck, John
$6.00 PB Arcadia 12477 Stoppard, Tom
$6.00 PB Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Stoppard, Tom
$6.00 HB Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead 10175 Stoppard, Tom
$4.00 PB Valley of the Dolls 10107 Susann, Jacqueline
$8.00 PB The River Between Thiong'o, Nguigi Wa
$7.00 PB Thoreau's Seasons 12158 Thoreau, Henry David (Richard Lebeaux)
$13.00 HB Men Women & Dogs Thurber, James
$5.00 PB My Life and Hard Times Thurber, James
$8.00 HB Twenty Three Tales 12573 Tolstoy, Leo
$5.00 PB Jason Treece, Henry
$5.00 PB Gilded Age A Tale of Today Twain, Mark
$7.00 PB Innocents Abroad 12010 Twain, Mark
$5.00 HB Leaves of Grass 12425 Whitman, Walt
$4.00 PB Importance of Being Earnest 12419 Wilde, Oscar
$7.00 PB Our Town Wilder, Thornton
$7.00 PB Our Town 10533 Wilder, Thornton
$6.00 HB Theophilus North Wilder, Thornton
$5.00 PB A Streetcar Named Desire Williams, Tennessee
$6.00 PB Glass Menagerie 11314 Williams, Tennessee
$5.00 PB Roman Spring of Mrs Stone 10003 Williams, Tennessee
$5.00 PB Fences 12221 Wilson, August
$7.00 PB Graining the Mare Anthology
$6.00 PB Huge Dreams Anthology
$7.00 PB Of Burgers & Barrooms Anthology
$5.00 PB Poetry 12416 Anthology
$6.00 PB Word of Mouth NPR Poems 12415 Anthology
$6.00 HB Barbed Lyres Atwood, Margaret
$5.00 PB 95 Poems 12479 cummings, ee
$9.00 PB A Poet's Grammar 12447 Dickinson, Emily
$7.00 PB Complete Poems… 11996 Dickinson, Emily
$7.00 PB Poems… 12418 Dickinson, Emily
$9.00 HB I Too Am a Traveler Eberman, Willis
$4.00 PB Sleeping in the Bunkhouse Gardner, Ken
$5.00 PB Let the Voices Goodan, Kevin
$5.00 PB Legends from Camp 12457 Inada, Lawson Fusao
$7.00 PB A Thematic Reader Keats, John
$6.00 HB Best Loved Poems of… Kennedy Onassis, Jacqueline
$6.00 PB Making Love to Roget's Wife Koertge, Ronald
$6.00 PB Last Time As We Are 12480 Mali, Taylor
$5.00 PB What Learning Leaves 12492 Mali, Taylor
$6.00 PB Red Bowl Mason, Holaday
$6.00 HB Things Pondered 11825 Moore, Beth
$6.00 PB Dead and the Living 12377 Olds, Sharon
$7.00 HB Poems of… Paterson, Banjo
$5.00 PB I Keep Falling in Love With You Schutz, Susan
$4.00 PB Lady of the Lake and Other Poems 10078 Scott, Sir Walter
$25.00 HB Collected Verse of… Service, Robert
$6.00 PB My Name is William Tell 12409 Stafford, William
$9.00 PB Size of Our Bed 11006 Tchakalian, Jacqueline
$15.00 HB Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry 12395 Vickers, Brian
$5.00 PB I Am My Own Wife Wright, Doug

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